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Sugarcane Bud Treatment Device 60 Litres
Sugarcane Bud Treatment Device 60 Litres
Sugarcane Bud Treatment Device 60 Litres
Sugarcane Bud Treatment Device 60 Litres

Sugarcane Bud Treatment Device 60 Litres

Sugarcane Bud Treatment Device
Description :

Cleantek Manufacturing modernized sugarcane bud Treatment Device under Technology supported BY SBI-ICAR, Coimbatore. Sett or bud treatment is important role for disease free sugarcane cultivation and healthy nursery programme.The device works in the principle of negative vacuum pressure and delivers various agro-inputs rapidly inside the sugarcane setts.

Applications :
  • Sugarcane Seed treatment.
Features :
  • Simple in construction and easy to use.
  • Treat 8000 buds per Hour.
  • Treating Setts with fungicides controls redroot, Smut and wilf diseases.
  • Very less power.
  • Compact in Size.
  • Manufactures in SS304 Grade.
Product Details :

Sugarcane Bud Treatment Device:

Sugarcane is a major industrial crop of the country grown in about 4.7 million hectares in both tropical and subtropical regions. Under various climatic conditions, it is subjected to a number of biotic and abiotic stress during its growth. Effective management of any stress is associated with practicability of management practice. For most of the management of diseases, Sugarcane seed treatment plays major role for easy, effective, economical and rapid method of delivering agrochemicals/ microbes. 

As sugarcane is propagated only by vegetative means, disease problem in the seed canes affects crop health. However, treating sugarcane setts that are required in large volumes for field planting is almost impractical due to its high volume and longer period of soaking. Hence a practically feasible, rapid and effective delivery system having long-term effects with preventive/ protective principles in the integrated management system is required under field conditions. All these factors form the base for the present invention on mechanized means of sett treatment in sugarcane which has been specifically tested for disease management with fungicides/ microbes and validated for producing healthy nursery with various agro-inputs.

Technology Details: This invention relates to a novel method for effective impregnation of agrochemicals and/or microorganisms and other agro-inputs into sugarcane planting materials viz., single/ two/ three budded setts and bud chips for protection from diseases/ pests and improvement of plant growth. This device works under the principle of negative pressure or vacuum infiltration. 

This mechanized means of sett treatment is a novel method over conventional method of sett soaking. Also, this method is suitable for different planting materials like stem cuttings, rhizomes, bulbs and tubers of different vegetatively propagated crops. This method has several advantages viz., mechanized operation, rapidity, effectiveness, amenable for large scale application, capable of delivering more than one agrochemical/ microbe, uniform impregnation of agrochemical/microorganisms into seed material, possibility to combine physical and chemical method of treatment and lesser requirement of agrochemical as compared to conventional soaking. Also, there is no similar technology or unit available for comparison.

The sugarcane bud treatment vacuum device is a specialized tool used by sugarcane farmers and growers to treat sugarcane buds before they are planted in the soil. 

The device consists of a vacuum chamber that creates a low-pressure environment, which helps to remove air from the buds and promotes better nutrient absorption and seedling growth. The sugarcane buds are placed in the vacuum chamber, and the device creates a vacuum by removing air from the chamber. This vacuum environment helps to promote better seed germination, as it removes any excess air and increases the absorption of nutrients by the sugarcane buds. By using the sugarcane bud treatment vacuum device, farmers can improve the germination rate of their sugarcane crops, leading to increased yield and profits. 

The device is also a cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative to chemical treatments that can be harmful to the environment and expensive for farmers. Scientists of the Indian Sugarcane Breeding Institute have invented a sugarcane seed treatment device (STD) to protect sugarcane from red rot disease (cancer). UP The Sugarcane Research Council has also started research on STDs to provide bacteria-free sugarcane to farmers seeing CO 0238 risk of cancer. This device, which can prepare disease-free sugarcane for sowing in 40 minutes, is proving effective.

Advantages of the Sugarcane Bud Treatment Device:

Improved germination: The vacuum device helps to improve the germination of sugarcane buds by removing air and creating a vacuum environment that promotes better nutrient absorption and seedling growth.

Increased yield: By enhancing the germination rate, the vacuum device can lead to increased yield of sugarcane crops. This can result in higher profits for farmers.

Reduced disease transmission: Using the vacuum device to treat sugarcane buds can help to reduce the transmission of diseases between plants, which can be especially beneficial in areas where plant diseases are common.

Cost-effective: The sugarcane bud treatment vacuum device is a cost-effective solution for farmers, as it can be used repeatedly without the need for expensive chemicals or treatments. 

Environmentally friendly: Unlike chemical treatments, the vacuum device does not leave behind harmful residues that can damage the environment. It is a safe and eco-friendly way to treat sugarcane buds.

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