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Single Stage Ring Blower
Single Stage Ring Blower
Single Stage Ring Blower
Single Stage Ring Blower

Single Stage Ring Blower

Ring Blower
Description :

A ring blower, also known as a regenerative blower or side channel blower, is a type of air compressor that operates by drawing air through a rotating impeller. It gets its name from the unique design where the impeller has multiple blades arranged in a ring shape. As the impeller rotates, it creates airflow by continuously accelerating and decelerating the air within the ring channels.

Applications :
  • Aquaculture for water aeration.
  • Electroplating liquid agitation.
  • Sewage treatment water agitation.
Features :
  • Direct Drive.
  • Compact in Size.
  • No Maintenance.
  • Light Weight.
  • More efficiency then Belt Drive Blower.
  • Continous duty and Protection class is IP55.
  • Made of die cast aluminum.
  • Both usage of Compressor and Vacuum (suction and blow).
Product Details :

Ring Blower:

Ring blower is an compact and direct drive blower model and ring blower used in various suction and pressure applications like aeration in Bio Floc tank, Air agitation in Electro plating tank etc. It is produced in single impeller fan and double impeller fan design to increase the delivery pressure. To achieve high efficiency electric motor and blower impeller is directly mounted. This ring blower available in regular IE2, IP55 protection, Belt drive and IP65 Explosion proof versions. This blower called in various names like side channel blower, vortex blower, Turbine blower etc... Some of the applications of this blower as following.


  • Aquaculture for water aeration
  • Electroplating liquid agitation
  • Sewage treatment water agitation


Ring Blower working Principle:

Aeration Blower consists of an pressure die-casting impeller mounted directly on a motor shaft and is rotated at a high speed, about 2880 rpm on the periphery of the impeller is a large number of radial blades. The impeller is positioned between two end plates with the blades located with a channel. As the die-cast impeller rotate and the blades pass the inlet port, a low pressure area is created that draws in air or other gases. The impeller blades impart motion to the air by centrifugal force, throwing it outward and forward, where it follows the contour of the side-channel and is returned to the base, or root, of the impeller. This action is repeated many times, creating a vortex. Each regeneration causes the air to gain pressure until it reaches the portion of the housing where the air is stripped from the impeller and discharged from the blower.


This kind of regenerative blowers or regenerative blower are used in aeration in water. Here the some description of aeration. Water aeration remove the dissolved gas like carbon dioxide and oxidizes dissolved metal like Iron, Hydrogen sulfide etc. From water. Small bubbles of air create the turbulence action in water so that easily mixed gases are come out from the water. Excessive amount of carbon dioxide make water corrosive and increase the water pureness. Aeration required in sewage treatment plant, Fish pond, Bio floc, Sea food plant, aquarium, Pond aeration, Electroplating plant etc...


Features of Ring Blower:

  • 100% oil free and Insulation class is F, 
  • Continous duty and Protection class is IP55.
  • Various Frequency 50 HZ & 60 HZ are available
  • Made of die cast aluminum 
  • Both usage of Compressor and Vacuum (suction and blow).
  • Virtually maintenance free, with SKF Double sealed long life bearings.
  • Smart Compact design and Low noise Level
  • ATEX Explosion Proof Motor & Belt Drive is available  
  • Anti corrosion blower and special color also available 


Application of Ring Blower in Industry:


Industrial Applications: Cleantek Ring blowers are commonly used in various industrial applications where a steady flow of air or gas is required. They are used for pneumatic conveying systems, vacuum lifting, aeration in wastewater treatment plants, and for creating air pressure in industrial processes.


Environmental Systems: Ring blowers are also utilized in environmental systems such as aeration in fish tanks or ponds to increase oxygen levels in water, in spa and pool systems for air massage, and in HVAC systems for ventilation purposes.


Material Handling: Ring blowers are employed in material handling equipment like vacuum packaging machines, drying systems, and for transporting granular or powdered materials.


Medical Equipment: Turbine blowers are used in certain medical devices like dental suction systems, where a continuous and reliable airflow is necessary.


Other general applications and useful of ring Blower in Industries:


  • Aeration in bio floc tanks
  • Aeration and Oxygenation in Aquaculture
  • Aeration systems and pure oxygen in aquaculture
  • Bio floc aeration system
  • Flue gas handling
  • Natural gas boosting
  • Dust collection
  • Hazardous material collection
  • Industrial Vacuum cleaning
  • High-velocity dust collection
  • Cleanroom dust collection and cleaning
  • Electroplating tank agitation
  • Combustion air blowers
  • Aquaponics Air Blower applications
  • Pneumatic conveying systems
  • Sewage Treatment plant agitation purpose
  • Textile machines yarn suction
  • Printing machines paper holding
  • PCB process dust collection and drying
  • Fish ponds 
  • SPA air agitation
  • Dental suction devices
  • Paper sorting and delivery
  • Lifting and holding
  • Packaging machines etc…

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