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FRP Wet Scrubber
FRP Wet Scrubber
FRP Wet Scrubber
FRP Wet Scrubber

FRP Wet Scrubber

Wet Scrubber
Description :

Light Weight. Compact in Size. FRP Construction to avoid Corrosion resistance. Easy to Maintenance. Higher Efficiency. More collection & neutralization of gas pollutants & solid particles. Hazardous fumes are collected. Easy maintenance. Minimum emission level. Compact in size & easy to operate. Handling with high temperature gases also. Wet scrubber price is comparatively low with other systems. Dust control level approximately Dust is < 10 mg/m3. Available in various Airflow capacity.

Applications :
  • Chemicals industry.
  • Mushroom Industry.
  • Waste incineration installations.
  • Plastic fiber making industries.
  • Pharmaceutical industry.
  • Rubber industries.
  • Storage and transfer of chemicals.
  • Surface treatment industry.
Features :
  • A wet scrubber, also known as a wet scrubber system or a gas scrubber, is an air pollution control device used to remove pollutants from industrial exhaust gases or flue gases.
  • It is widely employed in various industries, including power plants, chemical plants, refineries, and metal processing facilities. The basic principle of a wet scrubber involves the contact of contaminated gas with a liquid (usually water) in order to remove pollutants through various physical and chemical processes.
  • The pollutants are absorbed or dissolved into the liquid, resulting in cleaner gas being released into the atmosphere.
  • Cleantek is an Technology leader in India Manufacturing all kind of Air pollution control equipment as well as Water Treatment air blowers.
  • Cleantek design and manufacturing wet scrubber for acidic and highly hazardous fumes and dust extraction from industrial exhaust gases.
  • Wet scrubbers are a air pollution control equipment used to remove a variety of air pollutants from exhaust gas from melting furnaces, plastic film making industries, Rubber processing industries etc...
Product Details :

How a wet scrubber works: 

Gas and liquid contact: The contaminated gas stream is directed into the wet scrubber system, where it comes into contact with the liquid medium. The liquid is typically sprayed into the scrubber chamber in the form of fine droplets or dispersed as a mist. Pollutant absorption: The pollutants present in the gas, such as particulate matter (dust, smoke, or fumes) and acidic or toxic gases (sulphur dioxide, hydrogen chloride, etc.), interact with the liquid. Various mechanisms, such as diffusion, condensation, and chemical reactions, occur, leading to the absorption or dissolution of pollutants into the liquid phase. 

Wet Scrubber design:

 Wet scrubbers come in different designs, such as packed bed scrubbers, spray tower scrubbers, or venturi scrubbers. Each design has its own configuration and operating principles, but all aim to maximize the contact between the gas and liquid phases to enhance pollutant removal efficiency. Liquid treatment and recirculation: After the gas passes through the scrubber, the liquid now containing the absorbed pollutants is collected and treated separately. It undergoes processes like sedimentation, filtration, and pH adjustment to remove or neutralize the contaminants. In many cases, the liquid is recycled and reused within the scrubber system. Clean gas discharge: The treated gas, which has undergone pollutant removal, is released into the atmosphere through an exhaust stack or chimney. Depending on the specific regulations and requirements, the cleaned gas may still contain some minimal level of residual pollutants, albeit at much lower concentrations than before. Wet scrubbers offer several advantages, such as high pollutant removal efficiency, versatility for handling different types of pollutants, and the ability to cool gases and control temperature. 

However, they require proper design, maintenance, and operation to ensure optimal performance and prevent issues like liquid carryover or scaling. Cleantek manufacturing various airflow capacity wet scrubber as per client applications. Wet scrubber design can vary depending on the industry, pollutant characteristics. Take a call and consult with our engineers to suit your applications.


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