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Explosion Proof vacuum Cleaner
Explosion Proof vacuum Cleaner
Explosion Proof vacuum Cleaner
Explosion Proof vacuum Cleaner

Explosion Proof vacuum Cleaner

Industrial Vacuum Cleaner
Description :

Continuous running 3 phase power operated. Direct Drive flame proof Induction motor. Maintenance Free vacuum unit. Antistatic Star filter in "L" class. Flame proof control panel.. Easy to move. Reliable unit with antistatic vacuum cleaner accessories

Applications :
  • Pharma Industries. Powder Industries. Plastic granule Industries. Food Industries. Clean Room. Powder coating plants. Semi-conductor manufacturing industries.
  • Additives Manufacturing.
Features :
  • We are the Explosion proof vacuum cleaner manufacturers, Pneumatic vacuum cleaner manufacturers, ATEX proof vacuum cleaner manufacturers in India.
  • for Examples of potentially combustible dust like cereals, flour, starch, sugar, animal feed, light metals, coal, plastics etc.
  • Flammable liquids will ignite (catch on fire) and burn very easily at normal working atmosphere temperatures.
  • If there is a sufficient concentration of these substances, mixed with air, an ignition source can cause an explosion.
  • Normal vacuum cleaner is can’t use this cleaning applications.
  • Special kind of cleantek ATEX vacuum cleaners prevent the triggering of potentially explosive mixtures.
Product Details :
Some of the following Explosive Dust: • Carbonaceous Dusts • Carbon Black, Coal Dust, Coke Dust • Agricultural Dust • Grain, Flour, Sugars, Spices, Rice, • an ignition source can cause an explosion Why Flame Proof Vacuum Cleaner in Industrial cleaning? Combustible dust is easily exploded using normal vacuum cleaners. Now a days Explosion-proof vacuums are used in regular plant maintenance and cleaning to avoid combustible dust area. Cleantek manufacturing ATEX / Flame proof are helpful for cleaning in confined areas and for the removal of hazardous combustible dust and fume cleaning.

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