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Dry vacuum Cleaner
Dry vacuum Cleaner

Dry vacuum Cleaner

Industrial Vacuum Cleaner
Description :

Compact in Size. Light Weight. Optional Paper Filter and HEPA Filter. Easy to Dust Disposal. Long Life. Powerful vacuum. Low Price

Applications :
  • Factory Floor and walls cleaning.
  • Textile looms cleaning.
  • Spinning and Doubling cleaning.
  • Fabric cleaning.
  • Polyester Fabric cleaning.
  • Machines and other parts cleaning.
  • Oil / water / Liquid cleaning.
  • Continuous suction requirements.
  • Dust extraction in welding machines, and other process machines.
  • ATM machines cleaning.
  • Office cleaning.
Features :
  • A dry vacuum cleaner is a commercial cleaning appliance used to remove dry dirt, dust, debris, and other particulate matter from various surfaces.
  • It utilizes suction power to pull in the particles, which are then collected in a dust bag or container for later disposal.
  • Vacuum cleaners are safe and easy to use and have higher efficiency than any other kind of manual tool cleaning like brooming etc.
  • We supply powerful vacuum motor attached machine with useful attachments for easy and efficient cleaning.

Product Details :
Heavy Duty Industrial Vacuum Cleaner Cleantek high performance high vacuum Three Phase Dry Vacuum Cleaner is manufactured from the optimum quality raw materials as per the national and international quality standards.

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