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Double Bag Dust Collector
Double Bag Dust Collector
Double Bag Dust Collector
Double Bag Dust Collector

Double Bag Dust Collector

Dust Collector
Description :

Energy Efficient Suction Blower. Low Noise Level. Heavy Duty Construction. High Suction Performance. Made in India. Large Filtration Area. Overload Electrical Control Device for motor Protection. Long Lasting impeller fan and Construction. Portable wheel for adjustment. Epoxy Powder coated.

Applications :
  • Edge banding Dust Collection.
  • Panel Saw Dust Collection.
  • Sliding Table saw dust collection.
  • Double sided Edge Banding Dust Collection.
  • Wood Drilling Machine Dust Collection.
  • Beam Saw Dust Collection.
  • Through feed Drilling Dust Collection.
  • All kind of CNC Machine Cutting Dust Collection.
Features :
  • Dust collection system is great benefit for wood workers and wood working, furniture manufacturing industry in the following way.
  • Clean workplace, dust free air, fire risk safety, Keep hygienic environment, etc...
Product Details :

Exposure to wood dust create health issues due to the natural chemicals in the wood, or substances in the wood such as bacteria,virus,moulds,fungi etc..

Using dust collection systems will be to the great benefit to any woodworker.will keep dust out of the way, ensuring that the surfaces you work on will be kept clean and, well, workable. In addition, having dust collection systems in operation in the shed or shop will greatly reduce the risk of fire. 

Thus, dust collection systems are not only for convenience, but for fire safety as well, as dust and other similar particles will be filtered away into a storage area that is free from potential sources of heat.

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