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Compressed Air Knife
Compressed Air Knife
Compressed Air Knife

Compressed Air Knife

Description :

Stainless Steel & Powder Coated Version. Construction Uniform and Steady Airflow and constant Pressure. Air gap slots can be adjusted as per your requirements. Maintenance Free & Safe to use. Low power consumption.

Applications :
  • Remove water Particles from Bottle, Pouch, package, Any kind Products.
  • Cooling of hot Products from process.
  • Cleaning of Dust, Metal debris from various production process.
  • Copper Wire Cleaning.
  • Conveyor Cleaning.
  • Parts Cleaning and Drying.
  • Vegetables Cleaning.
  • Bottle Cleaning.
  • Drying or blow-off.
  • Debris blow-off/static control.
  • Coating control.
  • Engine Parts Cleaning.
  • Rubber Sheet Drying and wiping.
Features :
  • We are the High Quality Compressed air knife manufacturers in India.
  • Air knives are widely applied in a variety of industries including automobiles, electrons, chemical industry, metal processing, Food packaging, paper printing etc.Some important Features are low cost, uniform airflow, simple structure, easy for installation, effective reduction of energy loss etc.

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