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Compact Mist Collector
Compact Mist Collector
Compact Mist Collector

Compact Mist Collector

Mist Collector
Description :

Compact in Size. High Efficiency. Long Durability. Multistage Filters. Easy Maintenance.

Applications :
  • Mist Filtration Capacity 99.9 %.
  • Easy to Maintenance the Filters.
  • Heavy Duty Construction.
  • Low Operation Costing.
  • Less Noise Level.
  • After Sales Service Support.
Features :
  • We are the Mist Collector Manufacturers to capture the oil mist produced in CNC machining process.
  • Mist collector is an air and Liquid filtration equipment used to extract the harmful hazardous oil mist fume from CNC machines.
  • Cleantek manufacturing standalone mist collector for single machine and centralized mist collector for several machines threw centralized ducting.
  • Oil mist fine fumes or Smokes content micro particles generated when oil reach a high temperature and evaporates.
  • The size of the oil mist depends on the conditions of the heating, but it is between 0.1µm.
  • and 3µm,and returns to the original oil when it cooling.
  • Inhauling this oil mist smoke very dangerous to human Health Suction unit is available in various capacities and designs for easy execution where coolant and oil mist is problem.
Product Details :

CNC Oil Mist Fume Collector:

Our Centralized Suction Unit is designed to use individually or in combination with 2 or 3 wet machining centralized operations. High Efficient fan completely suck the mist and smoke inside the machine and it will be filtered in multistage filtration process. Filters are designed to change and clean easy & quickly.

Cleantek CNC oil mist collector is a device used to capture and filter out oil mist and smoke generated during CNC machining processes. CNC machining processes often generate oil mist and smoke that can be harmful to the health of workers and cause damage to machinery if left unfiltered.

The Cleantek CNC oil mist collector is designed to effectively capture and filter out these harmful substances, improving the air quality in the workplace and extending the lifespan of the machinery. These collectors typically use high-efficiency filters to capture and trap the oil mist and smoke, preventing them from being released into the environment. 

 Cleantek offers various models of CNC oil mist collectors, each with specific features and specifications. Some models may come with additional features, such as automatic filter cleaning, adjustable airflow, and noise reduction technology. The exact features and specifications of the Cleantek CNC oil mist collector will depend on the specific model and intended use.

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