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Centralized Welding Fume Extractor
Centralized Welding Fume Extractor
Centralized Welding Fume Extractor
Centralized Welding Fume Extractor

Centralized Welding Fume Extractor

Fume Filtration
Description :

Cleantek manufacturing centralized welding Fume Extraction system in various size and customized ducting and filtration systems. Wet Scrubber system integrated for welding fume neutralization purpose. As per Pollution Control norms all fume to be filtered with proper system. Welding fume contains very fine and Solid particulates like chromium, nickel, manganese, molybdenum, vanadium, titanium, cobalt, amorphous silica, metallic silicates and fluoride fumes, copper etc...

Applications :
  • Foundry casting Fume Exhaust.
  • Cabinet Manufacturing welding fume ventilation.
  • School and colleges Welding workshop smoke extraction
Features :
  • Respiratory irritant.
  • Metal Fume Fever.
  • Throat irritation, and shortness of breath.
  • Irritation of the eyes, nose and throat.
  • Kidney damage and emphysema.
  • Irritation of the nose and lungs.
  • Headaches, dizziness or muscular weakness.
Product Details :

Welding Fume Extractor:

Cleantek manufacturing Portable welding fume extractor and Centralized Welding Fume extractors. CLEANTEK centralized welding fume extractor is a type of ventilation system that is designed to remove welding fumes and other contaminants from the air in a centralized manner. The system typically consists of a network of ducts that are connected to individual welding stations, a central fan or blower, and a filtration system that removes the contaminants from the air. When a welder is working, the fumes and smoke generated during the welding process are captured at the source using an extraction hood or arm. The contaminated air is then carried through a ductwork system that leads to a central fan or blower, which pulls the air through a filtration system. 


The Fume filtration system is designed to remove the welding fumes and other contaminants from the air, typically using a combination of filters, such as mechanical, electrostatic, or activated carbon filters. Once the air has been filtered, it is then returned to the workspace, providing a cleaner and safer working environment for the welders. A centralized welding fume extractor offers several benefits, including improved air quality, reduced health risks, and compliance with workplace health and safety regulations. By removing welding fumes and other contaminants at the source, the system can reduce the risk of respiratory problems, eye irritation, and other health issues associated with exposure to welding fumes.


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