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Centralized Oil Mist Collector
Centralized Oil Mist Collector

Centralized Oil Mist Collector

Mist Collector
Description :

Superior filtration and Suction power. Integral silencers for quiet running. Four step filtration: Electrostatic/ACF/PRE/SS FILTER. Filter efficiency 99.97 % @ 0.3 microns. Low maintenance Filters. Activated carbon Gas / Odor filter media. Easy to replace the gas filters. Powder coated steel construction Electrical control panel. Warranty for 1 year from the date of installation.

Applications :
  • Oil Mist filtration for Metalworking operations like machining, grinding, and milling.

Features :
  • Cleantek manufacturing Mist Collector for CNC Machines , Coolant smoke mist collector for CNC Machines to extract the fumes and oil mist form CNC machines.
  • Mist Collector major Function is to filter or capture the very micro oil or Coolant Droplets from CNC machine compartment. We manufacture Industrial Filtration and Extraction system for Smoke Fume and Oil Filtration Systems. Our multistage Filtration System with Electrostatic Filter supports to achieve the 99 % Filtration Efficiency.
Product Details :

Cleantek Electrostatic Oil Mist Collector is designed to extract the fumes from individual machine or in combination with 2 or 3 centralized CNC wet machines. Our Mist Collector completely suck the mist and smoke inside the machine and it will be filtered various filtration stages. Filters are designed to change and easy to clean quickly. Filtered oil or coolant returned to oil sump. Our mist collector ensures increased productivity and morale improves by providing a cleaner hygienic working environment.

What is Oil Mist ?

Oil mist fumes is fine micro particles generated when oil reach a high temperature and it evaporates to fume condition.The size of the oil mist depends on the conditions of the heating during the machining operation. It size between 0.1 m to 3 m, and returns to the original oil when it condenses by filtration and cooling process.

Dangers of mist fume:

  •  Eye irritation
  • Vomiting and lung damage
  • Skin irritation and skin Colour changing 
  • Bad sensation in throat and stomach 
  • Headaches and fever Breath problems

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