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Centralized Dust Collector
Centralized Dust Collector
Centralized Dust Collector
Centralized Dust Collector

Centralized Dust Collector

Dust Collector
Description :

We are the centralized dust collector manufacturers and Dust Collectors in Coimbatore, India suitable for dust collection applications. In Metal Processing Industry during machining, grinding, buffing process create fine dust and it is flying in the atmosphere and its deposited in wall, floor. Also This fine dust is dangerous to workers health. As per OSHA standards dust extraction system is necessary for this kind of process.

Applications :
  • Hand grinding machine Dust Extraction.
  • Hand buffing machine Dust Extraction.
  • Hand co-burning machine Dust Extraction.
  • Dust/ Fume Extraction in OEM Applications.
  • Compact Downdraft Booth for PaintThermal Spray Applications.
Features :
  • Capturing Dust at source.
  • Low maintenance, Automatic self-cleaning tar mechanism.
  • Custom made models.
  • Complies with OSHA Guidelines for capture of dust and fumes.
  • Welding table Dust & Fume Fitration
Product Details :

Cleantek design and manufacturing big ducting and centralized dust collector to suck the dust from various machines. In woodworking industry or furniture making industry using lot of machinery. This machinery involves to making the furniture and woodworking products in good finish and attractive design.

 Exposure to wood dust can cause serious health problems for workers around the machine in shop floor. Wood Panels contains various chemicals and may contain bacteria, molds or fungi etc.. During cutting of panel this dangerous chemical content dust flying around the machine and its enter during inhaling of workers. This increased risk of exposure to wood dust include construction workers, carpenters, and workers employed in furniture and cabinet making, sawmills etc.. 

 Wood dust irritating workers eyes, nose and throat, and may result in shortness of breathing, runny nose and serious inflammation of the mucous membrane of the eye. Also, it is producing skin problems, Toxic issues in health. So wood dust to be extracted and disposed away from the working area. Each machinery produces wood fine dust during the process. Cleantek making design ducting and dust collector to suck the dust. 

Each machinery connected with suction ducting to the centralized dust collector. Central Dust collector handle large quantity of dust and produce higher velocity to extract the dust from multi points and from long distance. In centralized wood working dust collector used to extract the dust from Panel saw, Edge banding machine, Beam saw, Wood router, polishing machine etc...

Cleantek manufacturing centralized Dust Collector extract the dust from grinding machines, Shot Blasting machine, Rubber Grinding Machine, Powder Grinding machines etc... Cleantek makes Metal Dust Collection Equipment to extract the hazardous dust from Grinding Process. 

The primary function of an industrial dust collector is to improve the air quality within a workspace or factory environment by removing potentially harmful airborne particulate matter. Dust collectors can also help to maintain the cleanliness of machinery and work areas, reduce the risk of fire or explosion caused by combustible dust, and minimize equipment downtime and maintenance costs.

Industrial dust collectors come in various types, including baghouses, cyclone dust collectors, cartridge dust collectors, and electrostatic precipitators. The most suitable type of dust collector for a particular application depends on factors such as the type and size of the particulate matter, the volume of air to be filtered, and the operating conditions.

Our advanced Wet Dust Collector Used to extract the Hazardous and explosive metal Dust. Multistage filtration process control the filter chocking and high Filtration Efficiency. Our Efficient & Effective Metal Working Dust Collector support to the machinery Manufacturers to Attach with their Process Machineries. 

Cleantek supply complete ranges from small Dust Collector to Big Dust Collectors to extract the all kind of Air pollution Dust. Our Dust Suction Unit Integrate with Cyclone system and Filter Bag design. Machine Attached with Electrical control unit, Filter Cleaning System and robust construction.

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