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Band Filter Coolant Filtration System

Band Filter Coolant Filtration System

Coolant Filtration Systems
Description :

Available in Various Sizes. Improve Filtration Capacity. Custom Made Models. Reliable Filtration. Heavy Duty Construction. Less Maintenance Integrated with Magnetic Filter

Applications :
  • Improved Tool Life: Coolant filtration systems help to remove contaminants from the coolant, preventing them from entering the tool and causing premature wear and damage.
  • This can help to extend the life of the tool and reduce the need for frequent replacements.
  • Band filters are highly effective in filtering out contaminants from the coolant, including metal shavings, dirt, and other debris that can clog up the system and cause damage to the machine.
  • The filter media used in a band filter is typically a tightly woven mesh that captures even the smallest particles, ensuring that the coolant remains clean and free of contaminants.
  • Enhanced Surface Finish: Contaminants in the coolant can also cause scratches and blemishes on the surface of the workpiece.
  • By removing these contaminants, coolant filtration systems can help to improve the surface finish of the finished product.
  • Band filters can operate continuously without needing to be shut down for cleaning or maintenance.
  • This means that the CNC machine can run for longer periods without interruptions, which can improve productivity and reduce downtime.
  • Increased Efficiency: Clean coolant can transfer heat more effectively than contaminated coolant, allowing the machine tool to operate at higher speeds and with greater efficiency.
  • This can help to reduce cycle times and increase productivity.
  • Reduced Maintenance Costs: Contaminants in the coolant can cause damage to the machine tool and other components of the system.
  • By removing these contaminants, coolant filtration systems can help to reduce maintenance costs and downtime associated with repairs.
  • Improved Environmental Sustainability: Properly filtered coolant can be reused, reducing waste and promoting environmental sustainability.
  • A machine tool coolant filtration system is an important investment for any metalworking operation.
  • It helps to protect the machine tool, improve the quality of finished products, and promote more efficient and sustainable operations.
Features :
  • Cleantek machine coolant filter is a type of liquid filtration system used to remove contaminants from the coolant used in metalworking processes.
  • The coolant is typically a liquid that helps to cool and lubricate the cutting tool during machining operations.But it can become contaminated with metal particles, dirt, and other debris over time.
  • A coolant filtration system typically consists of a filter media, such as a paper or mesh material, that is placed in a housing.
  • The coolant flows through the filter media, which captures the contaminants and prevents them from circulating in the system.
  • The filtered coolant is then returned to the machine tool for continued use.
Product Details :

Coolant Band Filter:

A coolant band filter, also known as a band filter or a belt filter, is a type of industrial filtration system used to remove contaminants and particulates from coolant or cutting fluid used in machining and metalworking processes. It is a versatile and effective filtration method in many industrial settings.

How Coolant band Filter Working ? 

Contaminated coolant or cutting fluid from the machining process is directed into the filter system. This fluid contains metal chips, fines, and other impurities. The heart of the coolant band filter is a porous filter media that can be in the form of a continuous belt or band, which is typically made of materials like fabric, metal, or plastic. The coolant passes through this filter media. As the coolant flows through the filter media, solid contaminants, such as metal chips, dirt, and fines, are captured on the surface of the media. 

The porous nature of the media allows the coolant to pass through while retaining these contaminants. The filtered and cleaned coolant is then discharged from the filter system for reuse in the machining process. The separated contaminants are typically removed periodically or continuously from the filter media to maintain efficient filtration. These filters come in various sizes and configurations to suit different industrial applications, and their efficiency can be further enhanced by combining them with magnetic separators or other filtration techniques. Regular maintenance and cleaning of the filter media are essential to ensure consistent and effective coolant filtration in band filter.

Advantages of Band Filter:

  • Improved Tool Life
  • Lower maintenance
  • Enhanced product Quality
  • Cost Saving

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