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Portable Welding Fume Extractor
Portable Welding Fume Extractor
Portable Welding Fume Extractor
Portable Welding Fume Extractor

Portable Welding Fume Extractor

Fume Filtration
Description :

Welding fumes are a hazardous content of gases and fine dust particles. These are breathed in through the mouth and nose of workers in shop and work floor. World Health Organization point out lung cancer is caused by this welding fumes. Also, gases in welding fumes present further risks to workers health. Very micro substances of welding dust and fume which can injure the respiratory tract, trigger asthma, suffocation, cancer risk etc. Welding Fume Extractor used with suction arm to collect dust particles and fumes from welding process. So, welding fume Extraction or exhaust is mandatory for all kind of welding and other kind of welding process.

Applications :
  • Welding fume Filtration.
  • ARC Welding, MIG Welding.
  • TIG Welding.
  • Robotic Welding Fume Filtration.
  • Laser Fume Filtration.
  • Centralized Welding Booth Fume Filtration.

    Features :
    • Easy to move one place to another place. Suitable for continuous working without any trouble.
    • CE approved induction motor for energy efficiency. High rate of suction airflow and purifying efficiency is more than 99.9 % and pure air is discharge to workshop atmosphere. Electronic panel board for “Filter cleaning stage” warning. Spark arrester, Multi stage filters and Electrostatic filter is easy to clean. Our Mobile soldering Fume Extractor helps to maintain pollution free atmosphere in work place.

Product Details :

Effects of welding Fume:

  1. Chronic lung problems (bronchitis, pneumonia, asthma, emphysema, silicosis).
  2. Lung cancer.
  3. Cancer of the larynx.
  4. Cancer of the urinary tract.
  5. Other health problems that may be related to welding fumes are:
  6. Skin diseases.
  7. Hearing loss.
  8. Gastritis, ulcers of the stomach.
  9. Kidney damage.
  10. Heart disease.

A portable welding fume extractor is a device designed to remove and filter welding fumes and smoke generated during welding operations. It is typically used in situations where fixed or stationary fume extraction systems are not available or practical, such as in construction sites or remote locations. The purpose of a portable welding fume extractor is to minimize the exposure of welders and surrounding personnel to hazardous welding fumes and smoke, thereby improving the overall air quality and ensuring a safer working environment. It is important to select an extractor that is appropriate for the specific welding processes, materials, and fume generation rates encountered in the particular application.


Regular maintenance and filter replacement are essential for the proper functioning of portable welding fume extractors to ensure their efficiency and effectiveness in removing harmful pollutants. Its also important to follow safety guidelines and regulations regarding fume extraction and personal protective equipment (PPE) to protect workers from potential health risks associated with welding fumes. Cleantek design manufacturing Welding Fume Extractor machines in various capacity. Our machine Filter and purify the hazardous welding fume up-to 99 % and circulate the pure air. We are supplying 3D articulated swing arm 3.5-meter length for easy capture for fumes.

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