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Dry paint Booth
Dry paint Booth
Dry paint Booth
Dry paint Booth

Dry paint Booth

Paint Booth
Description :

We are the Leading industrial Dry Paint Booth Manufacturers from Coimbatore, Tamilnadu, India. we are produce different kind of spray paint booth suitable for paint mist fume extraction as per clients requirements. Automotive industries and furniture industries are using paint booth to extract the fine paint fume dust during painting work. We produce spray booth and drying booth for all kind of paint fume extraction, spray booths, painting and drying booths, thermal ventilation system and drying applications. Our paint booth highly used in furniture industries, automobile industries etc...

Applications :
  • Reduced Operating Cost.
  • Simplest way for protecting your work environment from hazardous paint mist.
  • Safety of your employees.
  • It Help maintain the air in your shop clean.
  • Spray booths help to stop accidental overspray that could result in any fire or explosion.
  • Increased productivity.

    Features :
    • Maintain Dust Free Environment in work premises.
    • Filters are Disposable and Bio degradable.
    • Easy to maintain.
    • Less Parts.
    • Value for Money.
    • High Efficient Paint Booth Design.

Product Details :
Dry Paint Booth for Furniture Industry[/caption]Paint Dust Filter System:It is an enclosed workstation designed for the capture of aerosol spray paint, overspray and fine mist fumes. Machine is Constructed with High Volume Centrifugal suction Blower with two Stage panel Filter Units.The two kinds of filters used in our units. During the Paint process excess dust particles are sucked into the special made paper Filter and then it is filtered additional foam Filter. Then pure air is sent out to the atmosphere threw the blower outlet. Further you need we will make ducting system to sent out the exhaust air to the outside the factory premises. The excess harmful VOC fumes exhaust threw the various filters to protect operators. Paint Booth is necessary because this VOC fume is dangerous for paint workers. So Industrial grade two-stage Filtration is necessary for filtration. It is advised to paint with good ventilation paint booth and keep the circulation of fresh air. Also, wear face masks while painting or around the areas being painted.Why you need ?Do we protect the Lungs from Dust? Paint Dust is most dangerous to workers health so there is a statutory requirement under the Factories Act that adequate ventilation is installed wherever spray painting is carried out.Spray paint may involve fire risk, create a dusty atmosphere from both solvent and overspray deposits.

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