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We are the Industrial Vacuum Cleaner and Dust Collector, Dust Collection system manufacturers in Coimbatore, India. Manufacturers and Exporters of Industrial Vacuum Cleaners , Dust Collectors and Wood Dust Collector to all-over India and Abroad.. Also we design and Manufacturing Vacuum cleaner, Industrial Vacuum Cleaners, vacuum cleaner, Dust Collectors, Fume Extractors, Mist Collectors, Ring Blower, Centrifugal Air Blower, Downdraft table, Hopper Loaders, Wood Dust Collector, Pneumatic Conveying System, Paint Booth etc. We are the Leading Industrial vacuum cleaner Manufacturers and cleaning equipment in India. CLEANTEK is a leading manufacturer supplying customized industrial Air Pollution Control Equipment & Cleaning Equipment, Oil mist Filtration equipment, Smoke Filtration for various industries like Automobile, Textile, Food & Pharma, Engineering and Rubber industries. Cleantek is one of the Industrial Vacuum Cleaner and Dust Collector manufacturers from Chennai, India.


Cleantek manufacturing Vacuum Cleaner, Industrial vacuum cleaner, Dust Collector, Powerful Industrial fans, Welding Fume Extractor, High Pressure Fans, Oil Mist Collector, Wood Dust Collector, Exhaust Fume Filtration, Air Blower, Soldering Fume Extractor, Coolant oil Filtration Band Filter, Oil Mist Filter, Centrifugal Air Blower, Ring Blower, Industrial Air Blower, Oil Sump Cleaner, Hopper Loader, Vacuum Loader, Wall mounted Blow Cleaning unit, Air Knife, Vacuum Conveying Systems, Paint Booth, Clean Room Dust Collector, Personnel Cleaning Dedusting Booth, Floor cleaning equipment, Pollution Control Equipment, Air Filtration Systems, Dust Collector for Flour Mills, Industrial Dust Collector, Wet Scrubber, Regenerative blower, Side channel blower, Woodworking Dust Collection System, Personnel Cleaning booth, Industrial Dust Cleaning Machines, Pulse Jet Dust Collector, Sugarcane Sett Treatment Device, Industrial Dust Collector Machine, Double Stage Ring blower, Turbine blowers, Activated Carbon Filter etc.. 

We are the One stop Air Cleaning and Air Filtration equipment Manufacturers in India. Our Products key features are high efficiency, low noise levels, compact design, and easy maintenance. Also we provides customized solutions to meet the unique needs of its customers. Cleantek offers consulting, installation, and maintenance services to its customers. Our company has a team of experienced engineers and technicians who work closely with customers to provide comprehensive solutions and support.


Dust Collector

Dust Collector Machine is used to extract the dust particles from the machining process, Packing Process, Grinding Process, Electrical parts grinding, Plastic parts Buffing,Wood Cutting process Etc



Sri Arul Murugan Textiles P Ltd

Quality and Service of the Ring Blower is very good. Thanks to

V Deivasigamani

Very Happy To Have A Friendly Client Like You. Time To Time Delivery Is Very Good, The Side Channel Blower Bought From Clean Tek Is Working In A Very Good Way. The Response From Your Side Is Always Good. The Performance Of The Motor Is Also Very Good, And The Finishing Side Channel Blower Is Also In Standard Way

Sivakumar, Tamilnadu.

Led by a compassionate and customer-oriented owner, CleanTek Manufacturing has become an industry leader with their exceptional vacuum cleaners and dust collectors. Incorporating cutting-edge technology for efficient cleaning and boasting eco-friendly initiatives, CleanTek's commitment to excellence shines through in their products. The owner's genuine dedication to customer satisfaction is evident in the company's stellar service and support. When it comes to elevating your cleaning routine, CleanTek is the go-to choice for unmatched performance, reliability, and a cleaner, healthier environment.

Blu eye

Under the guidance of a genuinely humble and customer-focused owner, CleanTek Manufacturing has set new standards in the cleaning industry with their exceptional vacuum cleaners and dust collectors. From state-of-the-art technology that effortlessly tackles dirt and debris to their unwavering commitment to eco-friendly practices, CleanTek's products exemplify excellence. The owner's passion for ensuring customer satisfaction is reflected in the company's outstanding service and support. For those seeking a superior cleaning experience, CleanTek stands as the epitome of efficiency, reliability, and care for both customers and the environment.

Ruban Raghavendar K


Mr.krishnamoorthy is very supportive man.and machine is very good quality.he is own manufacturing facility in coimbatore.realible company.they are exporting machine to various countries.


Excellent workmanship and quality , delivered at a very very good price

Vijay Reddy

The company authorities/executives are helpful in giving information about the products. The company has a wide network and is reliable.

Gangadhar Barlaya

Very happy to have a friendly client like you . time to time delivery is very good ,the side channel blower bought from clean tek is working in a very good way . the response from your side is always good . the performance of the motor is also very good , and the finishing side channel blower is also in standard way.

Siva Kumar

Clean Tek has one of the best customer care support from installation till product maintenance.


Products developed in Clean Tek are 100% worth for money without damage and with perfect packing.

C.P. Sanjay

I am one of the customer using clean tek products more than years .Till today nil problems from products of clean tek.

Sankarc Ganesh

The sales person under cleantek made me to buy products again and again this shows their attention towards their work.

Jayakumar Sekar

Vallalar Textiles

All products were shown in live to show how work is done this is helpful in buying products for customer.

Venkatesh Kannan

Reputed company maintaining quality in all the products and keeping reasonable rate. We experienced in one of their product for our field application.

Rajaprabhu C

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